USCF Expert 


Chess is not only my favorite pastime, but also a great tool to be used for building critical thinking and fostering community! I have over 20 years in tournament chess competition and more than 5 years of teaching experience. In addition to chess, I have worked as an instructor at resident summer camps, environmental education programs, and even as an aviation flight instructor. This varied background has given me the opportunity to work with, grow alongside, and connect with people from a wide array of backgrounds and interests. I continually seek ways to expand my knowledge to provide the best coaching available to my students.  


Certified Steps Method Chess Trainer

Chess has become a major part of my life because first and foremost, I am a chess dad and have seen the amazing benefits it has had on my two children, Myra and Ryan. After retiring as a Naval Pilot in 2018, I dedicated myself to facilitating the passions of my children and chess came to the forefront. I found that chess could bring our community together for fun, friendship and most importantly, purpose. I now use my experience as a flight instructor to help chess beginners build a positive association and a passion for this game that I have grown to love and enjoy.

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